Family: Timorpersonae


Timorpersonae are disparate in outward physical characteristics, but share behavioural traits rarely found in other species. These coleoptera tend to be highly aggressive and the manner of capturing and consuming their prey is often playful and/or extended and will almost always show agonistic tendencies.

Species of the family Timorpersonae have sometimes been observed displaying ritualised behaviour when stalking and catching their prey and may sometimes engage in mating displays when feeding and vice versa.

Timorpersonae are almost always solitary have developed hostile adaptive behaviours to counteract intrusion by other species.

Being a nocturnal family of species, they nest in the darkest available areas. Their nests are often underground or in the abandoned nests of other species and it has been noted that several species in the family Timorpersonae seem to decorate their nests with the empty husks of their prey.