Families: Drohnmortae / Opesparacidae


Drohnemortae and Opesparacidae are fascinating families of insects of the order Crepisculahoministera .

These parasitic insects and are extremely diverse and well-adapted to almost every habitat.

Their exterior characteristics show a heterogeneity expected by their geographical diversity. Mimicry in this family is also widespread, which often makes them hard to distinguish from non-parasitic families.

The distinctive behavioural trait of Drohnemortae is their devolopment of symbiont relationships with larger, more aggressive predators. They will often exchange live prey for protection, food or nesting materials.

Opesparacidae have been found which display mimicry of other similar symbiont parasites in order to attack and even take live prey from larger predators and returning them to their nests (see Filae reticentus and Ego Solus: often referred to as Opesparacida-reformati).